Captain James "Rocky" Robinson

Captain James "Rocky" RobinsonJames ("Rocky") Robinson, Jr., co-founder of BSVAC,Rocky became an EMT when he had to watch his 7 year old niece die, because no ambulances came to her rescue.  As an EMT, Robinson saw a tremendous inequality in emergency medical services first hand while in different communities. 

When BSVAC first began operations, the response time in Bed-Stuy for city ambulances averaged about 30 minutes.  BSVAC established a record-breaking ambulance service that currently responds to over 100 emergency calls a month with an average response time of less than 4 minutes. BSVAC also established a neighborhood first aid center and has worked to promote preventive health care in the community. 

Rocky Robinson is a man who saves lives. He has literally saved the lives of countless residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Less measureable, but equally heroic, he has also saved lives through his mentoring and training of thousands of neighborhood residents, including youngsters, teens and adults. He served with New York Citiy's Emergency Medical Service for more than three decades, retiring as a Captain in 2000.

Rocky was selected to carry the Olympic torch down Fifth Avenue in New York City, en route to Atlanta, in 1996; the Robin Hood Foundation Hero of the Year Award; New York City Hero Award; American Institute for Public Service Jefferson Award; Thousand Points of Light Award (awarded by President George Bush); and the Maxwell House Hero Search Award; among many other honors and awards.